Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slowly but Surely

Don't know why I have had so much trouble understanding the order of wool, foundation, batting.
I have always said my brother got the brains(Phd.), my sister got the creativity(Linda Brannock) and I think I got a good touch of ADHD. The way people say things is not the way I hear them .

Ok I think I have it right tho and am beginning to put on some wool. Everyone is way ahead of me but I can't wait to get to some stitching.
Is that looking right?   Of course I have much more wool to add to the foundation.


Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

I think it's looking great!!! I have a lot more angles in mine, rather than "squared up" lines, but there really is no right or wrong, it really is just crazy! Keep up the great work!

quiltdolls said...

maybe your pieces should be bigger.
kim from san diego

Jeanne said...


I am the same way, I am left handed and NORWEGIAN, Hubby always says "it isn't bad enough you are left handed but NORWEGIAN TOO" Directions always confuse me, I think that is why I like crazy quilting, no real rules, pretty much all your impression of how the block looks when you are finished. I haven't started yet, I am waiting for my book. LOOKS LIKE LOTS OF FUN TO ME!!!!!!

sunisandy said...

I think it looks wonderful, you have to start somewhere. I have started mine also left handed and hard at following directions, but if you wing it and do it your way you will be satisfied. That is all that counts!

Jeanette said...

From another leftie... :-) I think it looks great. You have a good start at it. I haven't started mine yet, just collecting materials.