Friday, February 5, 2010

Block One...Done!!

Block one is ALMOST done…just a few more little pink roses around the top and I get to pick my next appliqué design! So exciting!!

I spent the last two evening whip stitching all the edges of the crazy blocks…it makes it so much easier as now I don’t have to worry about fraying.


I am using #8 perle cotton and I LOVE it!! No fraying, tangling or breaking! I will NEVER use embroidery floss again!!


JoAnn was right…working on a flat surface and using a #2 Crewel needle does the trick!! It was a pleasure working on the rest of this block!


Flat surfaces are scarce in our 5th wheel so I used my computer lap table…worked like a charm!


How is your Crazy Quilt coming along?

Happy stitching to you!!


Jeanette said...

So cute! I love how it all looks. The size 8 pc looks great, too. What are you using to stitch down your appliques? It all looks really good! Also, are you doing a blanket stitch or whip stitch to tack them down? I can't tell from the pictures.

Lori said...

It's wonderful Paulette! Are the pink flowers French knots? With the #8 perle? Your embroidery is so nice!!!

paulette said...

For the larger applique pieces I am using matching 2 strand embroidery floss and for the little pieces I am using ordinary sewing thread and a finer needle ( straight angled whip stitch). For the embroidery I used th e#8 perle cotton.
Hope this helps.

Pat said...

Great job. It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your piece is beautiful! It motivates me to get moving on. Could you please explain what you did when you whip stitched around your crazy block pieces? I have my block basted and ready for stitching....thanks in advance! Sandra

Marj said...

Paulette you rock! I like the little pink flowers. Looking forward to see what you do next.

paulette said...

Hi Anonymous!
Google whip stitch and you will find step by step pictures and even videos on how to do it. If you are like me (visual learner)~ then this is for you. If I tried to explain there is no way you would understand.Take care and good luck!

Denise said...

A good site for embroidery tuts and videos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulette, Thanks for the quick reply...what I meant was did you whip stitch 2 adjoining pieces together or the edge of each piece keeping them separate...thanks again, Sandra

Jeanette said...

Thanks Paulette! I really like the way yours looks.

paulette said...

Hi Anon,
Because my pieces overlap I only had t0 whip stitch the top piece of wool. Paulette

Sandy said...

That looks great, Paulette!! Gotta get out and get some perle cotton.

Kathleen said...

It looks great!! I especially love your little bird, great choice of wools.

Vivian said...

Paulette, Just curious. Are you living in your 5th wheel? We have a 5th wheel, just for vacationing and weekend trips.

I am following everyone's progress so I can learn to use wool and do hand applique. I do everything by machine so this is a learning experience.