Sunday, February 28, 2010

new girl

Hi all, I am new to this blog, so let's introduce myself. My name is Ati, I live in Norway but I am originally from the Netherlands. I am a quilter for more than 20 years but the last 6 years I do a lot of crazy quilting. Last year I started with a quilt from old wool clothes. Two blouses, two skirts and a dress. Those clothes were from the late '70 early '80. I have sewn naked blocks from it. This is the centre block which is 16 inch square. I have blocks 8x16"and 8x8 ".
Most of the seams I figure out by myself and sometimes I have a look in Carol Samples' book.
Thanks to Kaaren who let me join this group. I hope when I see all your nice work that it is a stimulus for me to embroider all my naked block this year and make a nice lap-quilt of it.
I have a blog:


Kelli said...

Welcome! Your block is beautiful - what wonderful stitches - great work - thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

Hi Again - I was just thinking you may have some crazy quilt stitches that we, in America, don't have - I'd love to see you share some so our quilts can become international!

Penne said...

Your embroidery work is stunning ....I am so looking forward to your completed project.

I bounced over to your site and my you do some lovely things.

Thanks so much for sharing ....