Monday, June 21, 2010

Wool Crazy Pincushion, DONE!

Roseann's Wool Crazy Pincushion is DONE! JoAnn put the finishing touches on it and it is a sight to behold. I have to admit I am amazed at the transformation but I shouldn't, after all, she did write the book! LOL!
You can read all about how she transformed this unfinished pincushion into a masterpiece HERE! This is one of four, one down, three to go! Woo-HOO! I can't wait to see the others!
This picture was taken by JoAnn Mullaly.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wool Crazy Round Robin a la Pat!

If you have been following our Wool Crazy Pincushion Round Robin you will remember seeing this cutie when it came by the Pumpkin Patch. Well, this week is had another great reveal over at Pat Sloan's place, where it was spiffed up some more. Isn't it amazing the way it goes from crazy wool to work of art? I love it! You can read all about Pat's additions to this cutie by
visisting her blog, HERE!
Hope you're all having some wool crazy fun!!!! =)
This picture was taken by Pat Sloan

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Wool Crazy Round Robin is Winding Down

This is it folks, the end of the line. The last pincushion has landed in the Pumpkin Patch and is now ready to go home. This is Pat Sloan's Wool Crazy Pincushion. The heart was added by our very own JoAnn Mullaly, the flowers are also by one of our own, Roseann Kermes and lastly, the ladybugs and bonnet...well, those are my contribution. Pretty Spiffy, eh? LOL! Now the pincushions (all of them) will travel home and be transformed from mats to actual pincushions. I can't wait to see mine. ARGH! It left with only one little bootie . I can't wait to see it!
If you've missed the pincushions as they have paraded through the patch,
you can see them on Facebook in my Wool Crazy album.
Hope everyone is sitching up a storm. Please post your pics so we can share in your accomplishments!
Thanks so much for checking in. See you soon! Brenda

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wool Crazy Round Robin, Round Two!

Our second round of the round Robin is in progress and mine is ready to ship. This one is Jo Anne's (as in JoAnn Mullaly, JAM, who is among our members and just happens to be the author of the Wool Crazy Book). I added the Pumpkin Stack and sunflowers. JoAnn added the acorn and leaves and Roseanne Kermes (who is also one of our members and cooked up this RR idea) added the acorn and crow. Now it will go to Pat Sloan who will add something to it and then it will return to JoAnn to finish it into the actual pincushion.
I have Pat's pincushion here so I will be working on that one today... OMG! That one is done in BRIGHTS. It's so cute!