Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roll Out Those...Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Winter..

Yes, I’m still plugging away on the Wool Crazy Quilt with five blocks done!


I added this Christmas stocking…and on the stars I put my daughters’ initials…I know it’s hard to see..I should try taking these pictures outside.


But you get the idea..


Three little chicks…P1060379

…and their mama. P1060381 Each block seems to take forever…but it is good, crazy, fun thing to do in the trailer or while sitting in the lawn chairs…YES THE SUN IS SHINING!! There’s nothing like the smell of wool mixed with sunscreen!! Ahhhh….


YIKES!! What a mess! Yes this is the back of my Wool Crazy Quilt!! Some of the other Wool Crazy bloggers ‘out there’ wanted us to share the underside! You can see that most of my stitches go right through the batting- so I am really quilting my quilt as I go! It’s a good thing that this mess will get covered when I am finished! Now I don’t want to scar you for life, so let me leave you with visions of the front rather than the back! ;o)


There you have it! My little quilt is S-L-O-W-L-Y taking shape…. Till next time…

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!


Brenda said...

Oh Paulette, it's coming along beautifully! I better stock up on Aleeve before I try to put my arthritic hands to that task. I can feel a chill up my back just thinking of it... LOL!
Thanks so much for sharing
your progress. B=)

katie said...

OK now I am confused again. Seem like a permanent state for me.
Isn't there suppose to be a cloth layer after the batting. Is that something that comes after all the stitching.

Marj said...

You are moving right along, it must be the sunshine. Or maybe it is the fumes. Whatever the cause, it is beautiful. Thanks for showing the back, I think it is helpful.

paulette said...

Hi Katie!
The backing goes on last and will hide this mess. (see page 55 of Wool Crazy) Have a great weekend.

Penne said...

It looks really the little Christmas stocking....cute, cute, cute.

Chickie's are way too cute.........

Lori said...

Very nice Paulette!!!

Trudy said...

Wow, it looks great, both front and back:)

My book just came today, and I still have to paint my bedroom before I start stitching. I am looking at my wool stash though.
There is a cloth layer, of homespun that is behind the wool. I believe it goes:
Homespun, warm and natural, then the wool.