Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Beginning!

Hi Everyone -

I have jumped into the wool pile - and here is my foundation block.

I like the primitive, rustic-y look so have chosen dark colors so my applique will stand out. I've just pinned it together so far - next need to stitch the seams. My foundation - I used batting, muslin and wool on the top - seems to be a bit bunchy - any suggestions? I am so excited to finally achieved "lift off!" Happy sewing to all the wool-ites!


Karen said...

love the dark primitive feel. Do you think the "bunchiness" might just be due to the pins?? Can't wait to see your block as it grows!

Sandy said...

I like the look of your colors. I have had some bunching also but it went away as I started to stitch. Just be sure to smooth it out as you go. It just might be caused by the handling of the fabric.

Kathleen said...

Love the dark colors. In a way I'm glad I haven't started yet because I'm getting lots of ideas from all of you. Look forward to seeing your progress. I agree with Karen, it's probably from the pins. I get the same feeling when I have my wool appliques pinned in place, but it always smooths out as you sew and remove the pins.

Jeanne said...

lOVE THE LOOK OF YOUR BLOCK, I have mine basted together and hope to be sewing on it this weekend. :) Thanks for sharing.