Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Questions From An Aussie “Wool-ite”

I’ve taken the liberty to copy and paste this email here in order for you all to see and to offer suggestions to Dorothy’s questions.  Please take a moment to read it and for those of you who have started their journey, do you have any tips that you might want to share with Dorothy?

Thanks gals,

Kaaren ♥


My name is Dorothy and I live in Australia and have just bought the Crazy Quilt book.

I have sewn two wool quilts from  Primitive Gatherings and smaller wool items too.

The biggest hurdle I have is getting wool. I have bought a lot online and have even dyed old wool coats and jackets because in a land of Merino sheep there is no wool in the shops.

I attained Sue Spargo's class last year in Melbourne and started her Magnolia quilt.

She brought all the wool with her. She is coming back in August and it would be great to see her again. The wool when we can get it is $24 a Fat1/4.

I came across your blog and it has already shown me that the wool looks lumpy

until it is sewn down. Your pictures of what you are doing are so encouraging, please keep on putting up your photos. 

Can I ask?  Are you putting cotton batting behind as stated in the book and how hard is it to sew through all thicknesses?

I don't have a blog, maybe I should start one though I seem to spend enough time online as it is.


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