Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wool Crazy piece finished!

I've finished my latest wool crazy piece.  It came about from another piece I was working on and I decided to combine them together. Can see my initials, shh in the top right corner and the date 2010 below the Christmas tree.
 I decided not to make it directional, to keep interest in it.  I use a crescent moon and star along with my initials for my label on the back of most pieces I make.  Here it was fun to incorporated them in the wool.
 I managed to cover the four seasons in this piece.  This portion is mainly Autumn and Winter.
 This area is mainly Spring and Summer.  I used some original designs and adapted some from JoAnn Mulaly's Wool Crazy book.
 As you may have noted, there is a snowflake button the the Christmas tree, as the piece fold up on itself.  Because it is a Huswif Sewing Case.
 Here is the inside, designed by our friend Kaaren Johnston from The Painted Quilt.  I made mine a bit wider and did not curve the top as she did on her design.  I also added an additional tulip pocket to hold a needle threader.
There are two pockets to hold addition things you may need for your next sewing project.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it.  Now onto something new.