Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Nat from Australia

Hi everyone. I'm Nat from Melbourne Australia. Thanks for letting me play with you and the wool. I have a pile of wool and the Wool Crazy book and now I'm ready to play! My book came quickly. I was so delighted, thank you. I have been working with crazy quilt (CQ) for ages, but this is going to be my first wool crazy. I just love the look of Wool CQ. I'm really looking forward to it.

Here are some of the felted wool that I made myself from woolen fabrics. I have been collecting 100% woolen clothing such pleated skirts, shirts and anything else I can find. After I trim off all the bands and cuffs I put them in the washing machine with the temperature setting of 194'F or 90'C. I add a small amount of wool wash liquid in with the wool fabric. I set my machine on the longest cycle with cold rinse. After the wash is finished you will get yourself beautiful felted wool.

I even got my hand dyed thread ready to be used. I love using my hand dyed thread. Some of them are silk threads. The purple blue on the right and pink and green are silk threads. Do any of you dye your own fabrics or threads?

I hope to see you on my blog sometimes at: notjustnat



Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Nat...this looks great...look forward to seeing what you do...Dzintra♥x

Lori said...

Looks like you are ready to go Nat!!
I have never dyed anything!! Your thread looks very beautiful!

Brenda said...

Hi Nat! I've dyed fabrics before, but for practical reasons, not crafting. In the crafting realm, I've just "toned down" fabrics that were bright and loud. This I have done using something we have here called RIT; it's easy as pie. I have tea stained and coffee stained threads too. It's fun when you make it your own by adjusting the color to what works for you and your project.
Found woolens offer the most interesting textures at a fraction of the mill price. It's a nice way to recycle and do something for the environment too.
I can't wait to see your progress, B=)

Tam said...

Hi Nat :)
Looks like your ready to go and what lovely looking supplies they are too!

Kim said...
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Jeanne said...

Hi Nat, your thread is beautiful, I hand dye my wool but have never tried thread. Yours is graduated colors too. Looks difficult. LOVE THAT LOOK. I haven't gotten my book yet but I am anxious to start, I haven't done a wool crazy quilt either. Should be FUN. I will check out your blog. you can check mine out too, I think I have some hand dyed wool on there.

Vanya said...

I love your colors. I have just recently tried my hand at dyeing and I am loving the results. I am dyeing wool that I have felted and I am dyeing #8 pearl cotton. A good dye kit to buy is one by Tulip. It has a recipe book to make a gallon of dye at a time. I divided the recipes and I make a quart at a time. It has worked out to be colorfast as well. Vanya

Notjustnat said...

Thanks everyone for your welcoming comments. I'm looking forward to starting my base. I would love more wool as soon as I get a chance so, that is my next steps - Have a great week.