Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let's Get Serious..

Quilting Sue thinks that my Raggedy Andy is looking for his Raggedy Ann…what ‘ROMANCE’ happening on MY quilt? I kind of like the idea…sick as it may be…. But I got to watch that Quilting Sue!! She is a bad influence!!

So what have I been up to? Quilting/sewing is not as easy as it sounds in a small 5th Wheel…So last night I got organized…

I pulled out ALL my wool…which isn’t that much as most of it is at home! I organized it into colours and put it into pile. I traced 6 or 7 of my favourite appliqué projects onto heat and bond (I use it like freezer paper), ironed it onto the wrong side of my wool pieces and put each block into it’s own little bag.

P1060256 I took the cat appliqué pattern and cut off the head and drew my own Molly dog head. I have to wait to do a Rylie dog as I have no black and white wool. See how easy it is to make this quilt your own..!

P1060258 Now I am ready to do some serious stitching…AND no Raggedy Ann is not in one of those bags…yet..!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Stitching!


Jeanette said...

Poor Andy... ;-(

So, you are fusing your pieces on? I was thinking about trying that, but thought it make it that much thicker. I know that the Primitive Gathering wool patterns that I have use a fusible to put their wool pieces on, but I haven't tried it yet.

Kim said...
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