Sunday, January 31, 2010

Base for block 1

I worked on the base for the block and was able to get it laid out. Next, I need to baste it to the muslin and then start to add applique to it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My book arrived

Bandit was my helper last night as I trimmed all of  the usable parts from my thrift store finds.
 Here is the finished pile, my new stash of wool scraps. This will give my Wool Crazy quilt my own flair and enable me the chance to enlarge it if I would like later.
Saturday's mail brought the Wool Crazy Book and first installment of Primitive Gatherings "Wool Crazy Ladies Club" BOM.
I'm glad that I signed up with this club, because they sent extra instructions that were much more detailed than the book. As a beginner I found this very helpful and the full size layout sheet didn't hurt. Now I'm off to get started........Marj

Friday, January 29, 2010

Time For....Sew and Tell....

Everyone in Blogland is buzzing about JoAnn Mullaly book, 'Wool Crazy' they should!! The more I look at this book, the more I love it!! Even if you NEVER make the Crazy Quilt you WILL love it for the gorgeous applique patterns! Next time you are in a quilt shop, pick up this book and flip through it....I guarantee that you will end up buying it!! AND NO I am not getting any $$ to promote this book...;o)

So this is what I have been up to…


Yes, I sacrificed a package of Starbucks coffee to tone down my yellow wool…. So with the smell of wet wool and coffee permeating the 5th wheel…I did a lot of this….


And with my trusty bible beside me (Wool Crazy by JoAnn Mullaly) I did A LOT of this…arranging and rearranging…harder than you think!!


YIKES!…What a mess….


BUT…it was worth it…so step one is done!! As I look at this picture there are a lot of pieces I would like to change…BUT the camera has made the yellow jump out …there are some pieces I would like to move…but they are basted down so they are going to STAY….I SAID…STAY….


No, I am NOT talking to you…good dogs!! (The secret to GOOD dogs is lots of walks and three trips to the Dog Park every day…see it works…)Now if only my wool would STAY!


So now I need to cut off the edges to my 24 inch block (it is now 26 inches), baste down the edges and give it a good pressing. And then, according to JoAnn, the REAL fun starts…the appliqué!! She has SO many beautiful appliqué patterns to choose from that I think the difficult part is going to be to actually PICK one!!P1050934

So this is as far as I got last about you? What did you get done? Come on 'Sew and Tell" time......

check out this blog


I read this blog and the lady went to The Country Loft and took pictures of the quilt Wool Crazy and the designer, Joann Mullaly. The pictures are marvelous, you can click on them for larger pictures and really see the detail in the quilt. Go and enjoy!

from Richmond VA, awaiting the snowstorm!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got It Started

I took the easy way and joined in a BOM with Sierra Cotton's & Wools in Bishop, CA. So I don't have to find all the wools and I can just get going on the fun stuff, while I did probably have more than enough wools to do it myself I just wanted to leave some of the decisions to someone else for a change. So I have it all laid down and ready to do some stitching. Yahooooo Looks pretty good, not the best photo but I am trying. :)


After I got my email today from Primitive Gatherings that my book is on its way, I went to the local goodwill store. They had quite a few Jackets to choose from, so I picked up the ones that I thought would be harder to find. I might just have to see about getting some other basic colors on my next visit.

It finally arrived!!

LOL it actually wasn't long only two days, Thanks Brenda!!  I guess it just felt like forever.  I have skimmed through it and I am so excited to start this project.  Hopefully going to put a base together tomorrow night.  I have some women that come to my house on Wednesday evenings for a bit of spiritual cleansing if you will.  Girl time in another form.  Anyway, happy happy happy!!

Prep Work To Go CRAZY!....

Today I re-read the book Wool Crazy, then went under the dreaded bed and pulled out the wool bins that I brought with me (I am a ‘snowbird’ living in Desert Hot Spring (Palm Springs area).


Notice the left, bottom corner…Rylie, my pup is such a little helper…


I guess I brought more wool than I thought!! It’s amazing what’s under that bed!! ;o)


I also found a piece of muslin which I cut down to a 24 inch square which I will use for my foundation.P1050884 P1050885

I picked my colours….


But first I needed to do a little wash!! Drats!


Stay tuned…tomorrow is another day!!

How about you? How is your quilt going? And please don't tell me you are finished!! ;o)

Happy stitching!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The First Dumb Question

I had to go out of town today and picked up some Warm & Natural. In reading about making the foundation and assembly at the end of the book it sounds like the batting is on the bottom, the foundation fabric is in the center and the wool pieces on top. Is that correct?
My "quilting" mind is telling me that the batting should go in the center, but I don't think this is the case.
Paulette, you saw the basted piece at the quilt shop, did you happen to notice?
I emailed JoAnn and this was her speedy reply:
Lori...You are matter how illogical it sounds---put the batting on the bottom....Later you will put a piece of fabric on the back for the backing.....after all your stitching is done and you need to hide any uglies you have....:))

I think she is going to join our blog!

I'm plotting and getting ready

I've got the book, had to buy it when I saw it on Colleen's blog (crazy for primitive quilts) and boy is it worth every penny. Now to collect some more wools. If you have any great sources for purchasing wool, please let me know. Also I have some wool felt. Should I wash it to make it more felted and use it, yes or no.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So Many Choices Already!

I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to start something with wool. I had seen this quilt at the Country Loft website and fell in love with it. I was reminded of it again when Colleen posted a photo of the book earlier this month.
Thank you Kaaren for setting up this blog. Although now I am wondering if my Wool Crazy will be good enough. I plan on diving in and having a good time anyway, regardless of my insecurities.
At this point I'm enjoying this stack of pretty wool!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wool Crazy Sew Along…The Beginning

You’ve probably found your way here because like most of us, we are “Wool Crazy”!

About a week ago when I was blog hopping, I happened to see this photo of a new book on the market…


and I fell in !

A crazy quilt done entirely in wool! Be still my !


I immediately emailed Brenda at at Pumpkin Patch Primitives to see if she could order the book entitled Wool Crazy by JoAnn Mullaly for me. Well of course she could and a couple of emails later and before we knew it, the Wool Crazy Sew Along blog was born. We thought that there are probably many more of you out there in blogland who, just like us, working with wool, the primitive style and would some company as we sew along and create our future heirlooms.


So, welcome to our place of fun & friendship. My name is Kaaren from The Painted Quilt, and I’ll be your hostess for our sew along.

We are here for support and respite from our "real" lives to become one family with one goal. Our mission is to complete this quilt and with each others help, we can do it!


Please email me at thepaintedquilt at live dot com (or just click on the envelope on the left sidebar) if you are in the process of making or are wanting to make this quilt and are interested in becoming a member of our sew along group. Although this blog will be available for all to see, only those who become members will be allowed to post directly to the blog in order that you may share your progress, pictures and anything else you might deem appropriate.

Consider this your personal invitation to join and to share your knowledge with us. Tips and tricks are always welcome. So grab the button…(right click then click ‘save as’ and this will automatically save the image to your picture folder)…place it on your sidebar and link it back here. If you have a problem, just let me know and I’ll give you a hand.



Brenda and I both look forward not only to share in this journey with you but we also hope that this will also be the start of a long friendship.

Are you Wool Crazy? We are!

Kaaren ♥