Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got It Started

I took the easy way and joined in a BOM with Sierra Cotton's & Wools in Bishop, CA. So I don't have to find all the wools and I can just get going on the fun stuff, while I did probably have more than enough wools to do it myself I just wanted to leave some of the decisions to someone else for a change. So I have it all laid down and ready to do some stitching. Yahooooo Looks pretty good, not the best photo but I am trying. :)


Sharon said...

I thing the Wool Crazy Sew Along is amazing. I have a thing about crazy quilts, and then making one of wool, well, how could you go wrong?!?!

I have two questions that I guess I need to ask before I think about joining in. (1) Is there a time limit on finishing the project and (2) is the project sew by hand or with a sewing machine? My sewing machine and I don't really have a close relationship...

Just thought I should check these things out before I sign up and realize I'm in for a battle with my sewing machine or have a short time period in which to finish the project.

Starlight Primitives

Penne said...

Oh noooo this is hand embroidery for sure. But one could use any method they choose. So not to worry about your relationship with that silly electronic gadget.

Finish........phew! It is actually 4 blocks that are 24 inches and finishing .....whoa....that could take some time ...don't you think :) I don't think we are in a race or contest here, just a fun sew along. Sharing ideas and experiences in the process. Please come and join along with the rest of the crazy wool ladies......:)

I know you will love it .....there is no battle here just fun..