Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prep Work To Go CRAZY!....

Today I re-read the book Wool Crazy, then went under the dreaded bed and pulled out the wool bins that I brought with me (I am a ‘snowbird’ living in Desert Hot Spring (Palm Springs area).


Notice the left, bottom corner…Rylie, my pup is such a little helper…


I guess I brought more wool than I thought!! It’s amazing what’s under that bed!! ;o)


I also found a piece of muslin which I cut down to a 24 inch square which I will use for my foundation.P1050884 P1050885

I picked my colours….


But first I needed to do a little wash!! Drats!


Stay tuned…tomorrow is another day!!

How about you? How is your quilt going? And please don't tell me you are finished!! ;o)

Happy stitching!!



Kaaren said...

Wow, Paulette! You're on a roll! Look at all that gorgeous wool.

Keep those pictures coming gals. I'm still waiting (un)patiently for my book to arrive.

Kelli said...

Greetings! Your wool stash is wonderful! Great job on taking so much with you! Can't wait to get my book and get reading!

Marj said...

I got my email that my book shipped today from Primitive Gatherings, so I am also waiting (un)patiently. To pass time I am going to stop by our good will to see if they have any wool to play with today, cause I don't have any other wool yet.

Lori said...

What a lovely stash! How fun to see the pieces drying outside. I'm sure you'll be ready to go in no time.