Saturday, January 30, 2010

My book arrived

Bandit was my helper last night as I trimmed all of  the usable parts from my thrift store finds.
 Here is the finished pile, my new stash of wool scraps. This will give my Wool Crazy quilt my own flair and enable me the chance to enlarge it if I would like later.
Saturday's mail brought the Wool Crazy Book and first installment of Primitive Gatherings "Wool Crazy Ladies Club" BOM.
I'm glad that I signed up with this club, because they sent extra instructions that were much more detailed than the book. As a beginner I found this very helpful and the full size layout sheet didn't hurt. Now I'm off to get started........Marj


paulette said...

Wow, Marj!! What a great deal!! Love the full pattern and look at that wool...LOVE IT!!
On your mark get set, GO! ;o)
Take care!Paulette

Lori said...

Your kittie is so cute!!!
Looks like you are off and running! I love the extra info PG is sending along, and the extra pieces of wool.
Have fun!

Jeanette said...

It looks like you have a great start! I've been tempted to join in with primitive gatherings, too.

Michelle said...

Great find of wool! I think I need to make a trip today to my local GW. I also need to purchase my book so that I can get started!

sunisandy said...

Well this is it, I thought I could live without this book but I can't am ordering it now!