Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taking Wool Crazy to a Whole New Level

There is something to be said for "practice makes perfect". You've heard that phrase, haven't you? I think we've all heard it, at one time or another. I thought of how it applies to crafting and in particular to our ongoing Wool Crazy Round Robin #2. Take a look at Joanna's contribution to Anna's pincushion. First of all, Joanna LOVES beads. She is a bedazzler if I ever met one. But I gotta tell you, I would have never thought to make the watering can look like it had polka dots with all those beads.
Isn't that amazing? Oh, and you gotta love the velvet rick rack. Hello? Jo takes Wool Crazy to a whole new level.
This is Anna's pincushion as it heads out to its last stop before heading home.
Joanna is an experienced crafter so don't feel bad if your work (like mine) isn't quite as fancy as hers. Remember, practice makes perfect!
Hope your weekend is filled with Wool Crazy fun. Enjoy! Brenda
These photos were taken by Joanna before she shipped it out to Sharon.


Sandi said...

Wow, wouldn't you like the mail to get lost and have that arrive on your door step.

That is a lovely piece that everyone has worked on.

Makes me want to try a different and unusual shape myself.

Thanks for the photos Brenda

Joanna said...

I didn't know you had blogged about this here - you are too kind with your compliments! It's not perfect, but I had SO much fun doing it! Thanks for the nice words about it! It arrived to me looking pretty darn fancy with your addition. I am in love with this pincushion!

Karen said...

I like the idea of starting with a heart shape.