Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Pincushion Round Robin Update from Canada.
One thing I should mention is that we had a hard time getting all four of us together, as a result I've now stitched on everyone's pincushion! But I'm only going to reveal them as each round is finished. This is Debbie's Halloween theme, I added the black cat sitting on a crescent moon pumpkin with a skeleton tree.
This is Ethel's Mr. McGarrity's garden photographed on Debbie's back porch as I handed it off. I added another rabbit, white this time along with some cornstalks and some green onions growing in the dirt. Another photo I took has a bee flying along the upper green patch!
Here is Sandi's Fall theme. Her birthday falls in early October and often falls on Canadian Thanksgiving, hence the turkey theme to my contribution along with a thistle and echinacea flower.
Ethel's contribution to my flower and bug them was this lovely daffodil, tulip and butterfly along with some white daisies.
Thanks for letting us share our pieces with you.


Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

They all rock!!!

Dorothy said...

These pieces of wool crazy are great. I just love seeing them all as you work on them.

Betty said...

absolutely wonderful

Sandi said...

Thanks Ladies for you lovely comments.

I can hardly wait to get them finished!