Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Wool Crazy pin cushion round robin update!
Debbie had some fun with Sandi's Fall theme. She stitched a black cat in violet pink thread sitting on top of the pumpkin on the left. The elegant Scarecrow lady guards over the huge pumpkin.
Ethel had some fun creating a witch flying on a broom over the pumpkin patch on Debbie's piece. A cat decided to hop along for a ride.
Some sunflowers and a ghost are peeking out of the pumpkin patch and a bat flies overhead.
Debbie stitched a lovely apple tree in Ethel's Mr. McGarrity's garden.
Did you spot the birds nesting in the tree and the rabbit hiding in the grass?
Debbie had some fun with flowers and bugs on my piece. I love the butterfly she added.
Did you spot the mouse at the base of the left flower and the caterpillar button also?

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