Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's a Wool Crazy Summer Around Here!

With the first Wool Crazy Pincushion Round Robin quickly coming to an end. I've started a new round robin with a new group of Wool Crazy quilters, and we are well on our way with the first round, Now In Progress
This group of Wool Crazy fans includes
The pic above is my contribution to Anna's pincushion base.
I was its first stop, and after my applique (you too can make this gorgeous butterfly , it's in your Wool Crazy book, it's a JoAnn Mullaly design!), I sent it off to Joanna who will add to it before sending it off to Sharon, who will add to it and then send it off to Anna.
All the pics are posted in the Wool Crazy Round Robin 2 Album.
Remember, this is a brand New Wool Crazy Round Robin....
new players, new themes, same old fun!
I will post the final pics of the first round robin when my pincushion base comes back home,
I can't wait to see it! You can visit the participants of the first round robin and see their wonderful creations on their blogs. Roseanne Kermes (did I mention she came up with the idea of starting a Wool Crazy Round Robin??? See what she started????, Thanks Roseanne, I would have never thought of it; and we're having so much fun!), JoAnn Mullaly (whose book started this wool craziness) and Pat Sloan (the super coordinator who organized the group! Not sure this woman ever sleeps). LOL!
Hope you're having a great Summer and that you don't forget that Wool is not only for the can have some Wool Crazy Fun in the Summer too!!!

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Sandi said...

You are "wooly" having a good time stitching, aren't you? :-)