Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The First Wool Crazy Round Robin is Ending Soon!

Seems like just yesterday I sent out my very first Wool Crazy pincushion base
to start its Round Robin journey across the country. Remember?
Soon it was looking a little happier, after picking up some Candy Corns (in PA) to keep it company and then WHAM! It seems to disappear! I feared the worst for my little guy but I knew it would be safe in JoAnn's care and sure enough...when it left California, my baby had some friends.
Shortly thereafter it went into hiding again, this time Roseann was safeguarding it and wouldn't you know it, when it reappeared it was a bright and beautiful with Fall blooms and acorns...
So today when it arrived at my doorstep all decked out for Fall I was totally amazed at what a little trip around the country can do to a Wool Crazy little mat.... Stay tuned for the final chapter. This little mat will become a Wool Crazy Pincushion soon,
and I know it's going to knock your socks off! Woo-HOO!


Dorothy said...

They are all looking wonderful.

Sandi said...

I can't wait to see what you all do to finish them into pin cushions.

You've inspired me to start a group of friends to do our own.