Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Biting The Bullet!

OMG! I am officially starting my first block. I can do it, I know I can... I have set aside four hours on Saturday to piece the background (not sure how many blocks I will make (as in piecing the background applique), maybe just one but one is a start, a real good one!
Four hours might not be enough time to make the mess, sew the block and clean it up but I'm thinking I'll have to stock up on Red Bull, LOL!
I know many of you are feeling the craziness but taking the leap of faith is the hardest part so If you're not sure where to start I suggest you check out how the pros do it... yep, YOU TUBE!
This is the lead I have chosen to follow:
The way she does it seems pretty simple. No muss , no fuss. (You didn't really think I was piecing that background by hand, did you? LOL! Fat chance. I'm not that good!) Piecing is my absolute least favorite part of quilting. UGGG. I am piecing it with an open mind. I am not stressing over what goes where, I refuse to be bogged down by technical difficulties. Life is too short to spend it worrying about those things (I should know, my Dad always has spare parts when he builds things...yet they always seem to work just fine. Kind of makes you wonder, huh?)
Anyway, for all you new Crazy quilters I say Take the leap with me. Four hours, this weekend. Post your progress. I have a surprise for Monday so post your background by Sunday night. Four hours...leave the starting gate!

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Kim said...

How did your square come out Brenda?

Happy Sewing