Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wool Crazy Fall Block

Look how much I've finished!!

I have finished the appliques on the Fall block. I may add a few more small ones here and there to fill in. Next I will add all the embroidery stitches and embellishments. WOW, I can't believe I have this much finished.

I also made this little pillow adapted from the Crazy at Home book.

I'm really enjoying this craziness!

Happy Stitching,


Ann said...

Very Nice. I love finding all the different fall items. ~Ann

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

when i saw the word FALL in my reader i hit the brakes. eerrrrrr

what? so happy to stop by and see this...love it !!!!


Lori said...

Congratulations! It looks fantastic!

Kim said...

Lovely......oh I really need to get back to mine! How can we challenge each other to work on them?

Happy Sewing

sunnisandy said...

congatulations judy this is coming out great! keep up the great work, I love the pillow.

JAM said...

I love seeing what you have done with my patterns....it is such fun!

Maaike said...

Well this does look amazing Judy! Have a great week,
love Maaike

Kelli said...

Looks great! Love the turkey!