Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Completed Canadian Wool Crazy Round Robin Tops

Today we made the final exchange of our pin cushion wool crazy pieces.  First up is Ethel's Mr. McGarrity's Garden.  She is thinking of making it a pocket for a sewing bag.  The house and sheep were made by our friend Sandi.  Debbie did the tree on the left with a rabbit hiding in the grass.  I did the white rabbit and corn in the centre.  Ethel started us off with the black rabbit, grey fence and hollyhocks on the right. 
 Here is Debbie's Halloween, she started the piece at the top.  I added the skeleton tree, black cat, pumpkin and moon.  Ethel added the witch flying on the broom over the pumpkin patch.  Sandi added the witches boot, spiders and candy corn.
 Sandi's Autumn theme piece started with her oak leaves and acorns on the top right.  I added the turkey, cone flower and thistle.  Later I added the moon and stars and heart on the turkey.  Debbie created the pumpkin, black cat and scarecrow.  Ethel finished it off with a pumpkin patch and little one dressed up in rain gear to pick out the perfect pumpkin.
 My theme was flowers and bugs, it started with the tulip, lady bug and bee.  Ethel then designed the daffodil and butterfly portion.  Of to Debbie for the fantasy flowers, raindrops, there is a mouse at the base of one flower and a button.  Sandi added the lovely dragonfly with metallic stitched wings.  Ethel then took it back and added a fairy to finish it off.
I think we all did a lovely job on our friends pieces and can't wait to see them finished.  When they are done, I'll post another picture.  I've put some detail pictures on my own blog if you care to drop by for a peek.  I don't know about the rest of my friends but I'm addicted too wool applique!


Cheryl said...

I'm on my fourth wool crazy pincushion. I am hooked! All the pieces are so adorable and individual! Can't wait to see them finished. I'll be posting pictures of two of them that will be finished soon. Take a peek at http://fatesdesigns.blogspot.com.

Brenda said...

I love the Halloween one. Those little bead spiders are the bomb!

paulette said...

Gorgeous jobs!! What a nice keepsake to remember your WC buddies!!

Jacqueline said...

They are all so unique and wonderful.

JAM said...

What fun to see what you have all done! Thanks so much for posting them...Jo Ann

Annalisa said...

this is my first time in your blog.. i found you through the Little Emma English Home.
I found all works really beautifull!!

sunnisandy said...

What an excellent job on all of them! Beautiful ideas on all, I would cetanly have a hard time deciding which one is the best!

Sandi said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments on our pieces.

I think it worked so well because we know each other for a long time.

Now to finish them off. When they are finished I'll post another set of pictures.

Sandi in New Westminster

fiberartist Judy said...

This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

These are so pretty. I think I could easily get hooked on these myself.
Thank you so much for joing in my site and always happy to make new friends.
Your site is wonderful looking forward to visiting often

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love all of the additions to the pincushion. Thanks for sharing. Carolyn :)