Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wool Crazy Round Robin a la Pat!

If you have been following our Wool Crazy Pincushion Round Robin you will remember seeing this cutie when it came by the Pumpkin Patch. Well, this week is had another great reveal over at Pat Sloan's place, where it was spiffed up some more. Isn't it amazing the way it goes from crazy wool to work of art? I love it! You can read all about Pat's additions to this cutie by
visisting her blog, HERE!
Hope you're all having some wool crazy fun!!!! =)
This picture was taken by Pat Sloan

1 comment:

TeresaM said...

These are the cutiest things!!! Can't wait to see the finished pinkeep!

I enjoy reading your blog and have purchased the book and someday will start a patch! LOL

My computer does not load your blog so I checked to see if my sons would work and I'm so happy it did! I need to find out the setting on my computer that is blocking your page load!