Sunday, March 21, 2010

L0vin' this project!!

First of all , thanks to everyone for sharing their work~ you are such a huge inspiration to me as I figure out each block here at Robinhill~

Some vintage beads to play with~

More wool scraps from my collection~


Kelli said...

The beads will add so much! Just love your bird with its embellishments! The Quilted Crow added nicely to your stash - what fun!

Brenda said...

Have you checked out Sue Spargo's Blog? She uses tons of beads in her applique designs and her stitchery is to die for! When I grow up I want to embellish like Sue, she is brilliant! Her blog has tons of pictures from her classes (I think she was in Tokyo last year, South Africa earlier this year...the woman is global, I tell you...she's the one to watch!) when you learn all her tricks you can teach me! LOL!
I can't wait to see what you come up with. You KNOW I would have never thought to use beads as berries on that twig, right? Duh! I'm so boring, LOL!

sunnisandy said...

Robin excellent work, the bird carrying the twig even better idea!